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Labor for Learning Inc.
Building A More Literate Future

Labor for Learning Inc. is a literacy non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational resources to increase the literacy rates among children.

Our organization is committed to providing school-age children with the necessary literacy skills needed to gain opportunities to compete in a global economy. The program expected outcome is to increase reading scores by 60 percent and participation by at least 20 percent for the next 5 years.

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Executive Director
Carolyn M. Lawrence 

I was born and raised in Jamaica and I came to the United States at 14 years old. I attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in four years in 2006. It was my dream to obtain a bachelor’s degree, knowing it would be beneficial to my overall quality of life. For the past fourteen years, I have been working in Education, coordinating before and after-school programs for the Y.M.C.A. working as an Assistant Director for a pre-school, conducting summer part-time outreach for the Milwaukee Public Library’s Super Reader program and teaching for the last 11 years as an elementary school educator for Milwaukee Public Schools. I volunteer my time by mentoring and teaching children how to read, working with parents having positive discourse on how to help their children succeed. My love for education makes me extremely passionate about the work that I do.  Labor for Learning Inc. was created based on a need that I observed while working with children in Milwaukee.

Kids Reading Book in Park

Programs Purpose

Our objective is to increase the literacy rates among school-age children ages 4-12. Our organization strives to increase children’s ability to read and write at their grade levels. 
Our targeted populations will be school-age children, boys, and girls k4-5th grade. Labor for Learning Inc. will work with children from communities that are deprived of the same rights and resources as other children, but not exclusively. 
Labor for Learning Inc. plans on servicing 500 children during the traditional school year from September to May and during the summer months of June to July to decrease reading summer loss, where students lose 20-50 percent of the information that they have gained during the school year. 

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