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Our Goals

Labor for Learning Inc. was established in 2017 to promote and transcend educational possibilities by providing tutors a reading curriculum for summer and before and after-school programs. Our goal is to provide literacy by engaging school-age students K4- 5th grade. We will provide grade-level workbooks, hands-on manipulatives, art integration, and other activities to enhance reading. 

We believe that our organization can make strides to eradicate illiteracy from our communities; one child at a time. We hope to inspire children from communities to become lifelong learners through reading and divergent thinking. Our focus is to make reading second nature and beheld as a gateway to a more fulfilling future.

Book Steps

Our Reading Program 

Labor for Learning Inc. believes the ability to read is a right that should be granted to every child. The International Literacy Association believes that “Every child has the right to read, it is a basic human right.” Our literacy program strives to provide books to students for enjoyment and entertainment, provide tutors to implement a reading curriculum to enhance discourse, vocabulary, sight words, phonics comprehension, fluency, language skills, memory, foster creativity and much more.  

Hand Prints

About our Art Integration 

Labor for Learning Inc. understands that art instruction provides a well-rounded education for children. Art is essential to a child’s social, physical and emotional growth. Art encourages students to demonstrate how they feel and provides an outlet for students to express themselves. Studies have shown and proven that students do better when art programs are provided. Our integrated art programs will be implemented to enhance, drawing, painting, vocabulary, language skills, design, and creativity. 

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